Free and Open Source Render Manager

Take control of your computing infrastructure and get things done.
Flamenco is used in production at Blender Institute.

Render Farm management

Flamenco is suitable as render farm management software, for tasks such as frames rendering, encoding, simulations, etc. It supports any Blender version, hardware configuration and any other software with a command line interface.

Available on Blender Cloud

Available as a service on Blender Cloud, Flamenco can leverage your local rendering network and at the same time manage an external render network on the Cloud.

Web-based, cross platform

Flamenco consists in a stack of Python and Go web application, therefore it can run on many platforms and it is accessible to the user via web browser.

Extensible architecture

Based on a direct server-client interaction, Flamenco is very easy to setup, start, stop and monitor. Technical details about the design are available in the docs.

Free software

Released under GPL 2.0, every component of Flamenco is Free and Open Source software. We use Python, Go, MongoDB and host the sources on

In development

Currently Flamenco is under development and requires some technical knowledge to be set up. Check out the docs for more information or come chat with us!