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Roadmap update - October 2015

by Francesco Siddi on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In the last few months there as not been much Flamenco development going on at the Blender Institute, mostly because other projects had higher priority.

After the release of Cosmos Laundromat, and after the publication of a couple of rendering related articles on the Cosmos Laundromat blog, there has been growing interested in Flamenco from several parties (individuals, schools and companies). This is great, and we need to start having a more open communication about what the next steps for the project are.

Here is a list of features that have been partially designed and implemented and that need to be wrapped up before a final 2.0 release.

Feature Status Description
User management In progress
Complete user and developer documentation In progress
Improve server dispatch functions Todo This is one of the most important parts of the entire project and it definitely needs to be fixed and improved before a release.
Clean up dashboard functionality Todo Unused and legacy functionality should be removed and/or replaced.

More items might get added to this table. If you have specific user questions, please get in touch via our support site :ext. For development related discussions we can use https://github.com/armadillica/flamenco/issues, at least for the moment.

Looking forward for the next steps!