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Roadmap update - February 2017

by Francesco Siddi on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Like we mentioned in our previous blogpost, after using Flamenco in Cosmos Laundromat, Caminandes 3 and the Caminandes VR demo, we took some time to redefine our roadmap for the future. Here is where we are now.

The Flamenco core architecture did not change. We still have 3 components (Server, Manager and Worker), but they all went through large revisions. Flamenco is currently used for the render management of the Agent 327 - Barbershop animation.

Flamenco in production

Server, Manager and Worker

As originally planned, the Server has been rewritten as a Pillar extension, taking advantage of all its features (especially on the user and project management side), and allowing to integrate Flamenco into the Blender Cloud. It is of course possible to run Flamenco Server as a standalone application, but it was a priority for us to get it to deployt it into our existing online production platform.

Both Manager and Worker have been rewritten. The first one in Golang and the second in Python 3.6. These components are used in-house, but serve as an example for anyone interested in implementing a custom version for a studio infrastructure.

Currently supported Job types

At the moment we support a limited set of Job types:

  • sleep: used for tests (run a sleep command and print some messages)
  • blender-render: the default Blender render command (a good base for other rendering commands, also with other software)
  • blender-render-progressive: like blender-render, but taking advantage of the Cycles chunk render functionality, which allows to partially render the samples of an image and increment them in successive iterations

What's next

We have a full list of tasks that need to be done before we can make a Flamenco 2.0 release, but we are getting there. The most important missing features are:

  • More complete documentation (both on user and developer side)
  • Job filtering
  • Job regeneration

We are always happy to hear feedback! Feel free to open an issue on developer.blender.org or on GitHub. As soon as we update the docs and add funcionality we will write more blogposts.