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Flamenco Manager 2.2

by Sybren A. Stüvel on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Today, a new version of Flamenco Manager, version 2.2, was released. It has some new functionality that requires Flamenco Server to be updated to 2.1 or newer (which is the case on Blender Cloud).

New stuff

  • Send the set of task types supported by our workers to Flamenco Server. This will allow it to tailor some variable jobs to our capabilities.
  • Include upstream queue size on dashboard. This can aid debugging networking/performance issues.
  • Allow Workers to return tasks to the queue for re-executing later.
  • Store log entries in local files on the Manager, instead of sending all of them to the Server. The log files are stored in a directory per job, and a file per task. When a task is restarted, its log file is rotated ({task-id}.log becomes {task-id}.log.1). There is no automatic cleanup of log files implemented; this can be handled by a system daemon or by manual deletion. Log files can be accessed at http://your-manager/logfile/{job-id}/{task-id}. Requires Flamenco Server version 2.1 or newer.


  • Accept log entries for tasks that are no longer runnable. In this case the task's status and activity doesn't change, but the logs are still accepted & forwarded to Flamenco Server. This helps to figure out why a task failed, even when the logs are lagging behind.

For more details, checkout the Flamenco Manager changelog

Download Flamenco Manager 2.2 and get started today!