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Flamenco Manager 2.1.1

by Sybren A. Stüvel on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today, a new version of Flamenco Manager, version 2.1.1, was released. It polishes the web interface, fixes some Firefox compatibility issues, and adds some extra features. For me personally it's nice that we now build with the just-released Go 1.10; for end users this doesn't matter much.

New stuff

  • Log a warning when backslashes are used in path replacement variables. Those should not be used, but forward slashes should be used for every platform.
  • Allow erasing idle workers from the dashboard.
  • Show 'last seen' timestamp in idle workers tooltip on the dashboard.
  • Added job_storage path replacement variable to default configuration. This variable is used by the test system introduced in Flamenco Manager 2.1.0, so it's nice to actually have it available for configuration by default. Of course if you already have any configuration you don't get this default, so it's up to you to add it.

Polish and fixes

  • Fixed race condition in JavaScript loading.
  • Fixed incompatibility of "latest image" server-side event system with Firefox.
  • Limit display height of last-rendered image to 300 pixels.

For more details, checkout the Flamenco Manager changelog

Download Flamenco Manager 2.1.1 and get started today!