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Flamenco Spring Release

by Sybren A. Stüvel on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Yesterday Flamenco Server 2.2, Manager 2.4, and Flamenco Worker 2.3 have been released. The new releases contain all kind of improvements we built & used during the production of Spring. Of course Blender Cloud has already been updated to Flamenco Server 2.2.

For more details, see the changelog files of Flamenco Server, Manager, and Worker.

Download Flamenco Manager and Worker and get started today. All Blender Cloud subscribers can use our Cloud-hosted Flamenco Server as part of their subscription.

If you have questions or need help with Flamenco, pop over to our Flamenco channel on Blender Chat and get help from professionals.

Flamenco Server

  • New interface for the job list overview, based on Vue.js. It now allows filtering and sorting jobs.
  • The web interface now shows the reason why a task has a certain status (for example, "Status set to requeued by Dr. Sybren").
  • Job settings can be copied to the clipboard by clicking on them. Variables are automatically expanded for the platform of the browser.
  • Users can now use the Flamenco Server web interface to request a Task Log file from the Manager. This allows access to the task logs without requiring direct access to the Manager.
  • Added blender-video-chunks job type, meant for encoding the edit of a film from the video sequence editor. In the Blender Cloud add-on, configure it to use Matroska, MOV, or MP4 video and be sure to configure an audio codec if you want audio to be in the final file. It renders the frames, combines them into chunks of videos, then concatenates those video chunks together into one and muxes the audio into it. The output file is nameed it with the current date, a counter to make the filename unique, and the name of the blend file.
  • Progressive Blender Render jobs are smarter in the way they distribute samples. The initial tasks render a small amount of samples (so that you quickly have a preview), whereas later tasks have many more samples (so that they don't have to restart Blender too often). This is a backward-incompatible change, and requires an upgrade of both the Blender Cloud add-on (1.12+), Flamenco Worker (2.3+), and Blender 2.80 from after 2019-01-30.
  • The EXR merging of Progressive Rendering jobs is now done in one task per render iteration (instead of one task per frame chunk). The entire EXR sequence is now merged in one run of Blender.
  • New job status waiting-for-files allows a job to be created before the job's files are put into place. Jobs that are not updated for 24h and still in waiting-for-files status are automatically and irrevocably deleted.
  • Blender Render jobs no longer create preview videos for single-frame render jobs.

Flamenco Manager

  • Shaman Server has been integrated into Flamenco Manager, which makes file transfers for Flamenco render jobs much more efficient. Use shaman://your-flamenco-manager/ as Job Storage location in the Blender Cloud add-on to use it.
  • Flamenco Manager's dashboard and log files can now be protected with JWT access tokens. These tokens are handed out by Flamenco Server, and only to those users who have the right to use that particular Flamenco Manager.
  • Improved failure handling. When a task is failed by a worker, it moves to status soft-failed and will be retried by another worker. Only after three such failures by three different workers (or if your farm has run out of workers to retry the task) will the task go to status failed. This allows that one machine with a bit less memory than the rest to still join your farm and work on less memory-intensive shots.
  • Offline workers can be auto-removed from the Flamenco Manager database. This allows for cloud-based rendering on suddenly-disappearing low-priority machines, without filling up your Manager dashboard with old workers.
  • The Manager's name as shown on its Dashboard is configurable, to allow distinguishing between different render farms.
  • Worker registration can be secured with a pre-shared secret.
  • Flamenco Manager can now be restarted into Web Setup mode from the dashboard.
  • Restarting Flamenco Manager on POSIX-compliant systems (Linux, macOS) now happens 'in-place'; the PID remains the same and the process stays attached to the same shell (if running from a shell). Systemd does not notice this restart.

Upcoming improvements

  • The access token based protection of Flamenco Manager's dashboard isn't applied to the web-based setup yet. This will be implemented in Flamenco Manager 2.5.
  • Variables and path replacement variables will be unified and clarified, and will become more powerful.