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Flamenco Docs

Welcome to the Flamenco Documentation pages! Here we collect both user and development docs. Flamenco is primarily a distributed render management solution, but it is designed to support any kind of job that can be split across multiple machines.

Currently Flamenco is used for Render Management at Blender Institute, so it's heavily tested for Blender jobs, but it is quite trivial to add more.

Main features

  • Every component runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • Resilient design (individual components can fail without immediate disruption)
  • Dependency-graph based priority system
  • Extensible Jobs, Tasks, and Commands

Status of the documentation

Documentation is an ongoing effort. We are currently focusing on user documentation, aimed at Blender Cloud subscribers. If you are interested in installing the entire Flamenco stack on your own infrastructure, consider checking out the sources and files.