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Testing Flamenco Workers

Requires Flamenco Manager and Worker version 2.1 or newer.

Flamenco Manager and Worker support a special test mode. In this test mode it is possible to test a new worker before allowing it to join the render farm and execute actual render jobs.

To enable test mode, run the worker with flamenco-worker --test. You can also add --single, and the worker will shut down automatically after running a single test task.

When a worker is in testing mode, you can click on the camera icon in Flamenco Manager to send it a test task to render a blend file. This blend file requires Blender with Cycles.

NOTE: these test tasks are local to your Manager and Workers. Information about these tasks are not sent to Flamenco Server.

Configuring Flamenco Manager for test mode

Test Mode requires Flamenco Manager to know a bit about your infrastructure. It needs to copy a blend file to the shared storage so that the worker can read it. Furthermore, it needs to create the render output directory. These settings should be set in flamenco-manager.yaml:

        job_storage: '{render}/_flamenco/tests/jobs'
        render_output: '{render}/_flamenco/tests/renders'

job_storage indicates the location where the blend file will be placed for the Worker to pick up. render_output indicates the location where the Worker will save the rendered frame.