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What is New in Flamenco 3

Flamenco was pretty much rebuilt from scratch between versions 2 and 3. One of the major goals of Flamenco 3 is to simplify the installation & use.

Compared to version 2, Flamenco 3:

  • no longer requires an online component; Flamenco Server has been removed.
  • no longer requires you to install & configure a database.
  • works 100% on your own infrastructure.
  • just has two executables for you to run (Manager and Worker).
  • has its own dedicated Blender add-on, which can be downloaded directly from Flamenco Manager.
  • supports custom job types written in JavaScript.
  • comes bundled with FFmpeg; you only need to install Blender.

Flamenco 3 Change Log

The more interesting changes between Flamenco 3 versions are listed in the changelog.