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Download Flamenco for your platform here. Each download contains both Flamenco Manager and Worker. The Blender add-on can be downloaded from the Flamenco Manager web-interface after installation.

The latest version is: 3.1

When upgrading from a previous v3 beta version, it is recommended to start afresh with the following steps:

  1. Cancel any running or queued job.
  2. Shut down Flamenco Manager and all Workers.
  3. Remove flamenco-manager.yaml and flamenco-manager.sqlite.
  4. Download the new version and replace your old Flamenco files with the new ones.
  5. Start flamenco-manager and go through the setup setup assistant again.
  6. Don’t forget to re-download the Blender add-on from the Manager’s web interface, and install it. It has seen development as well, and will need to be upgraded.

Read the beta announcement at the Blender Studio blog.
Please report any issue at developer.blender.org.


Flamenco is Free and Open Source software, available under the GNU General Public License.
Download the source code at developer.blender.org.