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Free & Open Source
Render Management

Take control of your computing infrastructure and get things done.
Flamenco is used in production at Blender Studio.

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Features overview

Free and Open Source

Released under GPL 3.0, every component of Flamenco is Free and Open Source software. Development is supported by the Blender project.

Simple and Portable

Flamenco consists of a few components and requires almost no configuration to be used in production.

Easy Customization

Designed to be customizable, Flamenco allows TDs to specify Job Types using the JavaScript language and seamlessly fit into the pipeline.

Cross-platform and Self-hosted

Flamenco runs on all major operating system, and is fully hosted on your own hardware. Your data is yours, and yours alone.

Robust Technology

The core of Flamenco is build using Go and SQLite. Check out the sources on projects.blender.org.

In Development

Flamenco v3 is in active development at Blender Studio. Join the chat to see what’s happening!