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Generating Code

Some code (Go, Python, JavaScript) is generated from the OpenAPI specs in pkg/api/flamenco-openapi.yaml. There are also Go files generated to create mock implementations of interfaces for unit testing purposes.

Generated code is committed to Git, so that after a checkout you shouldn’t need to re-run the generator to build Flamenco.

The JavaScript & Python generator is made in Java, so it requires a JRE/JDK to be installed. On Ubuntu Linux, sudo apt install default-jre-headless should be enough.

The following files & directories are generated. Generated directories are completely erased before regeneration, so do not add any files there manually.

  • addon/flamenco/manager/: Python API for the Blender add-on.
  • pkg/api/*.gen.go: Go API shared by Manager and Worker.
  • internal/**/mocks/*.gen.go: Generated mocks for Go unit tests.
  • web/app/src/manager-api/: JavaScript API for the web front-end.