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FFmpeg is bundled with Flamenco, and at the moment it cannot be configured to use any other install of FFmpeg. This is intended to be added in some future, but there is no timeline when this will happen (patches welcome!).

The worker looks next to the flamenco-worker executable for a tools directory. Given the current OS (windows, linux, darwin, etc.) and architecture (amd64, x86, etc.) it will try to find the most-specific one for your system in that tools directory.

The worker tries the following ones; the first one found is used:

  1. ffmpeg-OS-ARCHITECTURE, for example ffmpeg-windows-amd64.exe or ffmpeg-linux-x86
  2. ffmpeg-OS, for example ffmpeg-windows.exe or ffmpeg-linux
  3. ffmpeg, so ffmpeg.exe on Windows and ffmpeg on any other platform.