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Manager Configuration: MQTT

Flamenco Manager can send its internal events to an MQTT broker. Other MQTT clients can listen to those events, in order to respond to what happens on the render farm.

MQTT support was introduced in Flamenco 3.5.


To enable MQTT functionality, place a section like this in your flamenco-manager.yaml file and restart Flamenco Manager:

    broker: "tcp://mqttserver.local:1883"
    username: "username"
    password: "your-password-here"
    topic_prefix: flamenco
The URL of the MQTT Broker. Supports tcp:// and ws:// URLs.
username & password
The credentials used to connect to the MQTT Broker. For anonymous access, just remove those two keys.
Topic prefix for the MQTT events sent to the broker. Defaults to flamenco. For example, job updates are sent to the flamenco/jobs topic.

MQTT Topics

The following topics will be used by Flamenco. The flamenco prefix for the topics is configurable.

Description MQTT topic JSON event payload
Manager startup/shutdown flamenco/lifecycle EventLifeCycle
Farm status flamenco/status EventFarmStatus
Job update flamenco/jobs EventJobUpdate
Task update flamenco/jobs/{job UUID} EventTaskUpdate
Worker update flamenco/workers EventWorkerUpdate
Worker Tag update flamenco/workertags EventWorkerTagUpdate
Last rendered image flamenco/last-rendered EventLastRenderedUpdate
Job-specific last rendered image flamenco/jobs/{job UUID}/last-rendered EventLastRenderedUpdate

For the specification of the JSON sent in the MQTT events, use the above table and then look up the type description in the OpenAPI specification.