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Compositor Nodes

Job type documented and maintained by: Dylan Blanqué.

This is a community-made job type. It may not reflect the same design as the rest of Flamenco, as it was made for a specific person to solve a specific need.

This job type updates Blender’s compositor nodes to work with Flamenco.

You’ll need to do the following changes to support this workflow:

  1. Download the Flamenco Compositor Script ZIP file and extract it somewhere.
  2. Copy startup_script.py to the configured Blender File Folder in your shared storage.
  3. Copy multi_pass_render.js to the scripts folder in your Flamenco Manager installation folder (create it if it doesn’t exist).
  4. Add these variables to your flamenco-manager.yaml file:
    • storagePath: Your NAS path, multi-platform variable.
    • jobSubPath: Where the jobs are stored inside storagePath.
    • renderSubpath: Where the render output is stored inside storagePath.
    • deviceType: Compute Device Type to force. Do not set the variable if you wish to use whatever is available.
  5. Submit your job from Blender with the corresponding Multi-Pass Job, it should whatever compositor nodes you have set and correct the paths where necessary.
This has only been tested in an environment with Shaman enabled, but it should work without Shaman as well.

Example Configuration Flamenco Manager YAML

# Configuration file for Flamenco.
# For an explanation of the fields,
# refer to the original flamenco-manager-example.yaml

  version: 3
manager_name: Flamenco Manager
database: flamenco-manager.sqlite
listen: :8080
autodiscoverable: true
local_manager_storage_path: ./flamenco-manager-storage
shared_storage_path: /mnt/storage/project_files
  enabled: true
    period: 24h0m0s
    maxAge: 744h0m0s
    extraCheckoutPaths: []
task_timeout: 10m0s
worker_timeout: 1m0s
blocklist_threshold: 3
task_fail_after_softfail_count: 3
    - platform: all
      value: blender
    - platform: linux
      value: /usr/local/blender/blender
    - platform: windows
        value: C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender 3.4/blender.exe
    - platform: darwin
        value: /usr/bin/blender
    - platform: all
      value: -b -y
    - platform: linux
      value: /mnt/storage
    - platform: windows
      value: "Z:\\"
    - platform: all
      value: project_files
    - platform: all
      value: project_render
    - platform: all
      value: "CUDA"
    # Set the device type to FIRST or remove the variable definition
    # to use whatever device type is detected first.