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Worker Actions

Screenshot of the Worker Actions menu in the Flamenco Manager web interface

The Worker Actions menu can be found in the Workers tab of Flamenco Manager’s web interface. By default it shows Choose an action…, and the Apply button will be disabled until a specific action is chosen. The available actions are:

Label Effect
Shut Down Stop the worker. It will exit with status code 0, indicating a clean shutdown.
Restart Stop the worker. It will exit with a configurable status code, indicating a desire to restart. This option is only available when the selected worker is marked as ‘restartable’. See below.
Send to Sleep Let the worker sleep. It will not get any new task, just check every 30 seconds to see if it should wake up.
Wake Up Wake the worker up. A sleeping worker can take a while to respond.

Most actions have two ‘flavors’:

After task is finished
Wait until the current task is done, then perform the action. A new task will not be assigned to this worker until it has confirmed the status change.
Abort the current task, and return it to the Manager for requeueing. Then perform the action.

Shut Down & Restart actions

Both the ‘Shut Down’ and ‘Restart’ actions stop the Worker process.

Shutting down the worker will make it exit succesfully, with status code 0.

Restarting the worker is only possible if it was started or configured with a ‘restart exit code’. This can be done by using the -restart-exit-status 47 commandline option, or by settings this code in the worker config file. Requesting a worker restart will make it exit with the configured status code.

It is up to the process management system (for example systemd) to respond to these exit status code correctly. Here is an example systemd service unit file that shows how to set this up on Linux:

Description=Flamenco Worker connecting to Manager on localhost


# Tell the Worker that it should exit with status code 47 in order to restart.
ExecStart=/home/flamenco/flamenco-worker -manager http://localhost:8080/ -restart-exit-code 47


# Make systemd restart the service on exit code 47, as well as
# 'failure' codes (such as hard crashes).


The ‘Shut Down’ and ‘Restart’ actions only relate to the Flamenco Worker process. They do not shut down or restart the computer itself.