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Worker Configuration

Flamenco Worker will read its configuration from flamenco-worker.yaml in the worker’s current working directory.

This is an example of such a configuration file:

manager_url: http://flamenco.local:8080/
task_types: [blender, ffmpeg, file-management, misc]
restart_exit_code: 47
  • manager_url: The URL of the Manager to connect to. If the setting is blank (or removed altogether) the Worker will try to auto-detect the Manager on the network.
  • task_types: The types of tasks this Worker is allowed to run. Task types are determined by the job compiler scripts; the ones listed here are in use by the default scripts. These determine which kind of tasks this Worker will get. See task types for more info.
  • restart_exit_code: Having this set to a non-zero value will mark this Worker as ‘restartable’. See Shut Down & Restart Actions for more information.

Worker Local Files

Apart from the above configuration file, which can be shared between Workers, each Worker has a set of files that are specific to that Worker. These contain the worker credentials (flamenco-worker-credentials.yaml), which are used to identify this worker to the Manager, and a database file (flamenco-worker.sqlite) to queue task updates when the Manager is unreachable.

These files are stored in a platform-specific location:

Platform Default location
Linux $HOME/.local/share/flamenco
Windows C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Blender Foundation\Flamenco
macOS $HOME/Library/Application Support/Flamenco

Configuration from Environment Variables

Certain settings can be configured via environment variables.

  • FLAMENCO_HOME: Directory for Worker local files. If not given, the above defaults are used.
  • FLAMENCO_WORKER_NAME: The name of the Worker. If not specified, the Worker will use the hostname.