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Worker Configuration

Flamenco Worker uses two different configuration files. One can be shared between all your Workers, if you so incline. The other should be strictly separate for each Worker.

Main Configuration File

Flamenco Worker will read its configuration from flamenco-worker.yaml in the worker’s current working directory. This file can be shared between all Workers, if you want.

This is an example of such a configuration file:

manager_url: http://flamenco.local:8080/
task_types: [blender, ffmpeg, file-management, misc]
restart_exit_code: 47

# Optional advanced option, available on Linux only:
oom_score_adjust: 500
  • manager_url: The URL of the Manager to connect to. If the setting is blank (or removed altogether) the Worker will try to auto-detect the Manager on the network.
  • task_types: The types of tasks this Worker is allowed to run. Task types are determined by the job compiler scripts; the ones listed here are in use by the default scripts. These determine which kind of tasks this Worker will get. See task types for more info.
  • restart_exit_code: Having this set to a non-zero value will mark this Worker as ‘restartable’. See Shut Down & Restart Actions for more information.
  • oom_score_adjust: an optional value between 0 and 1000, only available on Linux. It configures the Out Of Memory behaviour of the Linux kernel. This is the oom_score_adj value for all sub-processes started by the Worker. Set this to a high value, so that when the machine runs out of memory when rendering, it is Blender that gets killed, and not Flamenco Worker itself. For more information, see Linux Kernel: Per-Process Parameters. This option was introduced in Flamenco v3.5.

Worker-Specific Files

Apart from the above configuration file, which can be shared between Workers, each Worker has a set of files that are specific to that Worker. These contain the worker credentials (flamenco-worker-credentials.yaml), which are used to identify this worker to the Manager, and a database file (flamenco-worker.sqlite) to queue task updates when the Manager is unreachable.

These files are stored in a platform-specific location:

Platform Default location
Linux $HOME/.local/share/flamenco
Windows C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Blender Foundation\Flamenco
macOS $HOME/Library/Application Support/Flamenco

These files are not intended to be manually edited. If you want to reset your Worker and make it act like it’s brand new, shut down the worker, delete these files, and restart the Worker again. Be sure to delete the old Worker from the Flamenco Manager web interface as well.

Configuration from Environment Variables

Certain settings can be configured via environment variables.

  • FLAMENCO_HOME: Directory for Worker local files. If not given, the above defaults are used.
  • FLAMENCO_WORKER_NAME: The name of the Worker. If not specified, the Worker will use the hostname.