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This page describes how to release a new version of Flamenco. This requires not only access to the sources, but also to the flamenco.blender.org infrastructure. As such, it’s only practically helpful for a small number of people.

Steps to release a new version of Flamenco

Replace ${VERSION} with the actual version number.

  1. Ensure that env variables are set in the .env file (see .env.example for reference)
  2. Update CHANGELOG.md and mark the to-be-released version as released today.
  3. Update web/project-website/data/flamenco.yaml for the new version.
  4. Update Makefile and change the VERSION and RELEASE_CYCLE variables.
  5. make update-version
  6. git commit -m "Bump version to ${VERSION}"
  7. git tag v${VERSION}
  8. make release-package
  9. Check that the files in dist/ are there and have a non-zero size.
  10. make publish-release-packages to upload the packages to the website.
  11. make project-website to generate and publish the new website.
  12. git push && git push --tags