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Manager Configuration

Flamenco Manager reads its configuration from flamenco-manager.yaml, located next to the flamenco-manager executable. The previous chapters (Shared Storage and Variables) also described parts of that configuration file.

Example Configuration

This is an example flamenco-manager.yaml file:

  version: 3

manager_name: Flamenco Manager
database: flamenco-manager.sqlite
listen: :8080
autodiscoverable: true

local_manager_storage_path: ./flamenco-manager-storage
shared_storage_path: /path/to/storage
  enabled: true
    period: 24h0m0s
    maxAge: 744h0m0s
    extraCheckoutPaths: []

task_timeout: 10m0s
worker_timeout: 1m0s
blocklist_threshold: 3
task_fail_after_softfail_count: 3

      - platform: linux
        value: blender
      - platform: windows
        value: blender
      - platform: darwin
        value: blender
      - platform: all
        value: -b -y

mqtt:  # See 'MQTT Configuration' below.
    broker: "tcp://mqttserver.local:1883"
    username: "username"
    password: "your-password-here"
    topic_prefix: flamenco

The usual way to create a configuration file is simply by starting Flamenco Manager. If there is no config file yet, it will start the setup assistant to create one. If for any reasons the setup assistant is not usable for you, you can use the above example to create flamenco-manager.yaml yourself.

MQTT Configuration

The mqtt section is completely optional. If you do not know what it’s for, just leave it out.

For more information about the built-in MQTT client, see Manager Configuration: MQTT.